Case Study: Social Media Management for 7 Tides Estates (Real Estates)

This case study is the presentation of the Strategies which helped me to achieve my goal in social media marketing. All the strategies and recommendations are mentioned that I used in Social Media Marketing

The challenge 
  1. The real challenge for 7 tides estates was creating and managing high-quality content.
  2. There was intense competition among real estate companies to attract audiences through quality content.
  3. 7 tides estates struggled to stand out without unique, high-quality content.
  4. There was a lack of proper social media management, including content management.
  5. The KPI’s (key performance indicators) were low due to the lack of quality content on social media platforms.
The solution 
  1. I performed social media optimization (SMO) to optimize all social media channels for 7 tides estates.
  2. I selected specific platforms based on the business and brand.
  3. I conducted competitive research and created a content strategy to improve KPI’s and produce high-quality content.
  4. Our main goal was to increase organic reach through hashtag research and community targeting on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  5. we redesigned the content to fit the brand and provided live updates on a weekly basis.
  6. They created a monthly plan for social media posts.

The outcome section

After implementing strategies, I managed to improve the KPIs of all social media platforms that I choose for each brand.

7 Tides Estates June 2021 (Before) and August (After)

Monthly Reports

Content Quality