Case Study: The Pentagon Food Group Ltd (Food Wholesaler UK-B2B)

Pentagon Food Group Ltd was established in 2007 initially operating from a 5000 SQ FT Warehouse, through the vision and determination of the founders, management and its committed and loyal employees. The Pentagon Food Group has grown from strength to strength and has provided “Quality” products and “Service” to its customers which has been second to none. PFG has gained knowledge and expertise in the food service domain and pioneered its business operations to meet the demand of todays caterers and Fast Food Operators. With a customer centric approach, and a natural obsession to provide the best service to our customers we have been able to grow our customer base and geographical distribution since our humble beginnings.

Today The Pentagon Food Group is one of the Largest Food Distributor to the HoReCa Chanel in the Midlands and Northwest, supplying food service products to Takeaways, Restaurants, Fish & Chip Shops, Dessert Parlours, and Fast-food outlets.

What we achieved: (All Organic)

●Increase in Engagement Rate from 3.2% to 8.9% (Monthly)
●Increase in Impressions from 371 to 4,803 per month
●Increase in Website visitors from 6 to 289 per month
●6,500% increase in Reactions (Yearly)
●1,766.7% increase in Shares (Yearly)
●45% increase of Followers (Monthly)

How we achieved

Impressions & Reach: our monthly impressions was too low so it was challenging for us to increase the impression and reach rate. We started testing different types of content to check which will perform for our B2B brand Carousels, info graph and employee generated content and right hashtags helped us to achieve this goal.

Website visitors: we drive more traffic from social media by optimization of social profiles, social proof, and making share button obvious.

Engagement: To increase our engagement we focus on these key elements Teach, inform, entertain, inspire and quality content, posting consistently and at the right time.

Points we focused

To achieve these results, the Pentagon Food Group followed a few key steps. First, they evaluated their business goals and buyer personas in order to determine which platforms were most suitable for their brand. They then developed a monthly work plan and consistently posted unique and engaging content on those platforms. Finally, they regularly analyzed their results to see which strategies were working and which needed to be adjusted.

Overall, the Pentagon Food Group’s success can be attributed to their focus on creating high-quality content, consistently posting on social media, and regularly analyzing their results to make improvements. By following these key strategies, they were able to significantly increase their engagement rate, impressions, website visitors, reactions, shares, and followers, ultimately leading to a successful social media marketing campaign.